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Top Ten Books, 2011

With 67 books gracing my reading list from 2011, I had to make a few rules to help with the choosing of my top ten: re-reads do not count; no Discworld (otherwise I’d be here forever trying to narrow down the list); and, no books in a series, unless they are a) the first book in said series, or b) function as a standalone.

So, here you have my belatedly finished list – in semi-relevant order:

Boneshaker – Cherie Priest

Steampunk. Zombies. Kick-ass characters. This book instantly made in into not only my top ten for 2011 but also my top ten – ever. I was so taken with this book that I have recommended it to numerous people, and the second novel set in this world only escaped being on the list because I didn’t want to clog it up with too many books by the same author.

Shades of Grey – Jasper Fforde

Fforde is easily one of my favourite authors, so the inclusion on the list of the first book in this newish trilogy is no big surprise. I admit I was a bit disappointed with the ending, feeling that maybe it was just being unnecessarily mean to the characters, but it does end a certain pessimistic realism to the story, and may even become plot relevant. Perhaps.

Chasing Odysseus – S.D Gentill

I picked up this book because it was front facing in a library display and I thought ‘I could’ve sworn ‘The Odyssey’ had nothing to do with wolves’. This particular library also has no YA section, so I originally assumed this was an ‘adult’ book, I snuck between the stacks and read the prologue and then I was hooked. In fact, I may have to write a full review at some point instead of thrusting the book randomly on people.

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