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The Sisters Brothers – Patrick DeWitt

It seems I have a habit of starting book reviews by explaining how I came across the book, and I don’t see any reason to break that tradition now.

I first came across The Sisters Brothers through the site-generated book recommendations on my goodreads account. I forwarded the information onto a friend who I thought would like the novel, and  then forgot about it until I was browsing at the bookshop and saw the shelf for the Man Brooker Prize nominees for 2011. Five weeks, a reservation notification, and a trip to the city library later, and the book was in my hands.

Set in the ol’ west, the novel tells the story of Eli and Charlie Sisters, notorious killers for the man known only as ‘The Commodore’. The story picks up just as the brothers recieve their next assignment: the assasination of gold-prospector Hermann Warm. The brothers then take off on an adventure-filled journey across the old west, though it soon emerges that our narrator, Eli is not as enthusiastic about their chosen profession as his brother Charlie, whose boozing and whoring ways also create tension between the two.

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