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The Assassin’s Curse – Cassandra Rose Clarke

Before anything else, I have to say: ‘where is the next book already!’

I picked up an ARC of this book a while ago, and was only recently able to read it being swamped with uni work. In fact, this is yet another review which had to be delayed for a few weeks (months) after finishing the book as I had two assignments due in.

Annana is a pirate, born and raised, and all she wants is a ship of her own to captain  into the wild blue seas. Unfortunately, women aren’t allowed to captain ships, so the only options left open to a young pirate girl are to stay on her family’s ship, or to marry into another pirate family. The story opens here, as Annana is introduced to her would-be husband,  the heir of a wealthy but not well respected pirate family. Already distrustful of her too-handsome betrothed, it doesn’t take much to prompt Annana to do a runner. Unfortunately, her would-be husband had not been joking when he said his family would send assassins after her. On the run, battling homesickness, and landlocked Annana somehow manages to activate a binding curse during a confrontation with the assassin Naji. Tied together, the two embark on an epic journey to attempt to find a cure. That sounds trite, but I’ll end up explaining the whole book if I’m not careful. Just trust me: stuff happens and it is cool.

In Assassin’s Curse Clarke neatly walks the line between conventional pirate norms such as the existence of an organised federation and more outlandish notions of floating islands and inter-dimensional assassins. Though I was never a hundred percent sure whether Naji was part of this other world, or just trained there – didn’t really matter.

I think my favourite part of this book, the part that kept me reading for much longer than I should have given my commitments, was Annana’s voice. It is refreshing, strong, and consistent. Not only did I believe in this brash, smart-mouthed, utterly practical and yet somehow tenderhearted pirate, but I could almost hear her island accented voice in my ears. I really liked how the romance was handled as well, but I’m not sure I can say much without major spoilers. All I can say is I like how understated it was. The audience knew what was going on, but it wasn’t overtly mentioned (obsessed about, in many books) – which is a feat in first-person perspective.

One criticism was that I felt the ending of the story was a bit abrupt, however I cannot be sure if this is because my e-reader died close to the end and I had to wait until I could recharge to finish reading. I think I remember this story being slated for completion in a second book so it’s just speculation on my part, but I might guess that it was originally one manuscript with two acts. Don’t get me wrong, the book doesn’t end badly, and I don’t think continuing straight on from the ending would have necessarily flowed very well, I just had a bit of an ‘oh, that’s the end?’ feeling. Maybe this just means I was really into the story 🙂

Aaand, just about everything else I want to say I enjoyed carries spoiler warnings attached. I will say that I would definitely recommend this book to read; it’s a fun adventure-romp with aspects of an epic quest which will appeal to many readers (and possibly gamers, now I’ve read that back).

On a personal note, I apologise for how scattered and inconsistent my reviews are. Generally I just speak from the heart but I’m thinking a structure might be something to investigate in the future.


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