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The Inexplicables – Cherie Priest

The Inexplicables is the fourth book in the Clockwork Centrury series written by one of my favourite authors, Cherie Priest (is it fair for me to say that when I haven’t read her other series? I’m going to say yes, because it’s my blog). I pre-ordered the book aaages ago, and set it aside to read over Christmas as a treat, then I got sidetracked by books which had expiration dates. Oops.

The Clockwork Century is set in a steampunk world , where the US civil war still rages in 1880 ( a fictional extension of the war, I gather, but at the time of writing this cannot [be bothered to] look it up). Away from the war, and 18 years in the past, an experimental burrowing device has released noxious Blight gas from the earth under the city of Seattle: Gas which makes people sick, and dead…. and then undead; gas which has caused the city to be walled up to prevent its spread; and, finally, gas which has been made into a weapon, and turned into drugs for men to fight over. For more info, read Boneshaker, the first novel.

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