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British Library Day Nine: Shadowing, Aleph presentation, Collection Support


This morning I was with Paul again, this time in Science 3. I should note that the number refers to the floor level, not the number of reading rooms the area holds; so science has a reading room on level two and a reading room on level three. This reading room was supposed to be a little busier, as apparently it is common for Thursday to be ‘Chemistry Day’ meaning a lot of researchers come in about chemistry. Unfortunately we didn’t have even one query while we were up there.

Instead, Paul discussed a reader order from the day before, which had failed because the item couldn’t be found. This was most likely an error with data (apparently a common issue, with different people treating objects differently in the system etc), but the patron was sent to the medical library down the road for a copy of what they were after.

They’d also finally found the book that patron from last week was looking for and put it aside.

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