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British Library Day Fifteen: Sound and Vision, Exhibitions, and Goodbyes


Today was my LAST DAY. I took my backpack for the only time, because I’d bought a huge box of chocolates for the team and it wouldn’t fit in my handbag. I also thought it was a good idea because an acquaintance was trying to get us tickets to the BBC Proms and my shoulders had started screaming at me with the handbag over the last few days. Understandable; I’d been putting a lot in the bag, and walking a fair distance with it.

Lynn stopped me before taking me down to Rod in sound and vision, and gave me a present for my friend, which I’d been debating buying. That was just about the sweetest thing ever. I mean, she doesn’t even know my friend. I chose this moment to hand over the chocolates, also so people could have some for morning tea. When Lynn did take me across, it was with the stipulation that I be back by 12 because we were going to do lunch. Continue reading


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British Library Day Fourteen: Electronic Services and Digital Scholarship


Second last entry!

Today was a pretty long day, with a lot of talking.  I did take a fair amount of notes, but it was a case of information overload, and I don’t know that specific projects in the departments I was in are all too relevant as opposed to a general overview.

I started with the Electronic Services team, who sit kind of between the reading rooms and tech-support in the grand scheme of things. The department is heavily involved with the Explore the British Library catalogue, ordering systems, print services, user accounts, database subscription and management, IT testing, and training staff in new applications among other things. I spent some time with each member of the team, and each went over their area with me. Continue reading

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