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Clunes Booktown Festival

This year I finally made it across to Clunes for one of their annual Booktown festivals.

Clunes is a small town in country Victoria with a lot of bookshops, and is the first Booktown in the Southern Hemisphere to be recognised by the International Organisation of Booktowns. Instead of explaining the origins of the Booktown phenomena, I’m going to pop a few links below for interested parties. For everyone else, what you need to know is that in addition to the six or so permanent bookshops in the town on the festival weekend they close off a few streets in Clunes and booksellers from around the country set up stalls and take residence in the town hall hall, bank, garage and other assorted areas to sell their wares. There are  book signings, author talks, performances, discussion panels, and of course plenty of plenty of books to be seen all around. Continue reading


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