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A Young Adult Recommendation List

This post is a lot sooner than I usually update, but I wanted to get it out before I started back at uni and got bogged down in work. Lucky you!

I’ve been volunteering recently at a library where a friend of mine is the acquisitions librarian, and knowing I had a strong interest in YA fiction she asked me casually if I had any recommendations to build up their collection. At the time, I didn’t give a proper answer, but never let it be said that I welch on book recommendations.

Some of my favourite YA books/series are missing from this list, but that is due to the fact that the library already has them. I’ve also come to the conclusion that my knowledge of non sci-fi/fantasy novels is woefully lacking, but is not a situation I would feel the need to specifically address unless it became necessary due to job requirements (ie. collection management).

Here is the list:

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Top Ten Books, 2011

With 67 books gracing my reading list from 2011, I had to make a few rules to help with the choosing of my top ten: re-reads do not count; no Discworld (otherwise I’d be here forever trying to narrow down the list); and, no books in a series, unless they are a) the first book in said series, or b) function as a standalone.

So, here you have my belatedly finished list – in semi-relevant order:

Boneshaker – Cherie Priest

Steampunk. Zombies. Kick-ass characters. This book instantly made in into not only my top ten for 2011 but also my top ten – ever. I was so taken with this book that I have recommended it to numerous people, and the second novel set in this world only escaped being on the list because I didn’t want to clog it up with too many books by the same author.

Shades of Grey – Jasper Fforde

Fforde is easily one of my favourite authors, so the inclusion on the list of the first book in this newish trilogy is no big surprise. I admit I was a bit disappointed with the ending, feeling that maybe it was just being unnecessarily mean to the characters, but it does end a certain pessimistic realism to the story, and may even become plot relevant. Perhaps.

Chasing Odysseus – S.D Gentill

I picked up this book because it was front facing in a library display and I thought ‘I could’ve sworn ‘The Odyssey’ had nothing to do with wolves’. This particular library also has no YA section, so I originally assumed this was an ‘adult’ book, I snuck between the stacks and read the prologue and then I was hooked. In fact, I may have to write a full review at some point instead of thrusting the book randomly on people.

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My Christmas Book List

Christmas is almost over, and I didn’t recieve any books this year. With the lack of conveniently placed bookstores and my fussy reading habits to take into account this didn’t really come as a surprise, but I’d like to share a few few books which are on my to-read/to-buy list for this festive season.

Mastiff (Beka Cooper, book 3) – Tamora Pierce

This was on the list of present ideas I gave to my brother, and while it did not arrive nicely wrapped, the library has come through again and I am currently reading the novel. This is a Tortall series aimed towards an older or more sophisticated audience than I remember the others being (though it has been a LOOONG time) and I really enjoy the narrative voice, so I’d been keeping an eye out for this last installment in the trilogy.

The Extinction Gambit (The Extraordinaires, book 1) – Michael Pryor

Having massively enjoyed Pryor’s Laws of Magic series, I was keeping an eye out for his next project, and reading the first paragraph in the bookstore sealed the deal. Have since borrowed the book from the library and it is next on my to-read pile.

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

Recommendations for this book kept popping up everywhere I looked; on my goodreads account, on the blogs I follow, on random review sites. After reading the blurb and extract on amazon, it’s definitely something I want to read. Given that the physical version of the book is so pretty, and the copy at the library is large print I may just buy this – though I do have it on reserve at the library in case I change my mind.

1Q84 – Haruki Murakami

Another book that kept being mentioned online, I read the sample pages on Amazon. While not enough to convince me I wanted to buy this book – it has certainly made me want to give it a go, and thus I am the 8th reservation of the English translation at my library. This may take a while, folks.

Empire State – Adam Christopher

Due to be released in 2012, one of my friends read and reviewed an ARC of this book and could not stop telling me I had to read it. At his urging I will be attempting to sign up to get an ARC of my own, but suspect my blog may not be established enough yet to be accepted. Either way, I will be keeping an eye out for this book.

I’m starting to realise my to-read list could go on forever, so I’ll leave it there.

Soon I’ll post up my reading list of 2011, and my top ten books for the year.


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