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British Library Day Twelve: Presentation Day


I had my presentation today, so of course I just about worked myself into a panic attack before I even arrived in the morning – and the presentation wasn’t until the afternoon!

Luckily I had finished all my notes etc and just needed to print them out, as well as adding a few extra citations which we decided to provide as a handout as Lynn said often people would like to have extra information to take with them. Powerpoint of course cut off the bottom of half my notes, so I ended up having to copy and paste them into a Word document, a task which was interrupted halfway when two of my teachers, Sue and Mary, arrived for a visit. A nice interruption indeed. Continue reading


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British Library Day One: Orientation

My last post promised updates on my student placement at the British Library (which, to answer many questions on the subject is not just ‘a library in Britain’ but the national library).

Posting had been delayed due to my initial concerns about mentioning people without their express permission (was told this is ok if not mentioning their surname), and later, wanting to make sure my work was graded before I posted. Finally, of course, I was just bogged down in all my homework, but I shall endeavor to post the diary up now, with a bit of a delay between each post. I really enjoyed the experience, and it has definitely fueled my passion towards my future career. Below is my account of my first day.

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